Intelligent Manufacturing

Suzhou CM Technology Co., Ltd is an industry leader in the field of the mold

factory which has achieved standardization, informationization, intelligence and automation.

Intelligent Manufacturing Mold processing
Mold development capability
  • CAE simulation

    With more than 6000 plastic materials database

    Over 1000 pages of product casebook

  • Mold design

    R & D and design team

    Full 3D design

    Color tolerance management

    BOM automatic export

    More than 600 sets of precision molds can be completed in a year

  • MA

    A team of more than 20 fitters

    At least 10~20 years working experience

    Annual MA capability: more than 600 sets of precision mold

Process planning
Program design
Parts processing
Grinding machine
Grinding machine
Preset outside machine
Preset outside machine

Presetting & clamping outside machine

Effectively improve the equipment utilization rate

CNC milling machine
CNC milling machine

Precision high speed CNC milling machine

The machining accuracy is up to 0.002mm

More than 10 sets of equipment over RMB 2 million

Wire-electrode cutting
Wire-electrode cutting

More than 10 sets of high precision imported equipment, Japan Sodick, Switzerland GF and so on.

The highest precision machining is controlled within ±0.002mm

Electrical discharge machining
Electrical discharge machining

More than 10 sets of imported precisionequipment

Machining accuracy is controlled within士0.002mm


More than 10 people precision polishing team

The polishing of fine parts is carried out under the microscope at 50 times magnification

Can ensure that there is no collapse Angle, polishing surface smoothness of about 0.005

Automatic electrode detection
Automatic electrode detection

RFID chip identification

Automatically generate test report

Automatic measurement